Does Jovic understand Zidane's instructions?

The video footage showed a conversation between Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane and the team's striker, Luka Jović, who revealed the duo's lack of understanding.

Jovic joined Real Madrid last summer and did not get enough minutes to play.

As the Serbian striker was preparing to take to the pitch in the Champions League meeting with Zidane, he turned to him and began to give him the final instructions.

According to what appeared in a video clip for the Spanish network "Moviestar Plus", Zidane gave some instructions in English and then asked the player and asked him to do you understand me? Do you know what your roles are?

Jovic looked at the coach as if he did not understand what he was saying but pointed out the sign of approval.

The Serbian player, who has not mastered Spanish, seems to have difficulty communicating with Zidane, which could affect his career with the royal.

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