Gareth Bale calls on Real Madrid not to publish their medical reports

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Real Madrid footballer Gareth Bale has asked the club's management not to publish his medical reports in any media, following criticism of his injuries.

The Welsh winger missed his team's la Liga and Champions League matches after a new injury suffered in recent international matches, while Real Madrid did not provide any new update on his condition.

The 30-year-old continues to press Real Madrid to prevent reports of injuries, despite persistent speculation that he will leave the Santiago Bernabéu in January.

Gareth Bale's agent revealed that the latter exercised his natural right to this aspect through Spanish law to protect personal data and maintain the confidentiality of his medical examinations within Spain.

Gareth Bale's medical reports are not the right of others.

Jonathan Barnett said in an interview with ESPN International: "I don't think there's anything unusual in the decision to keep Gareth Bale's reports out of sight, these reports are private if every citizen's medical reports are private, why should Gareth's reports be public?"

It should be noted that The Madrid club issued an official statement last time about Gareth Bale's medical condition in September 2017, while it has not been published since that reports regarding his physical condition or the extent of injuries sustained, whether off the pitch or on the pitch.

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