How Zidane overcomes the FIFA virus?

Will absences affect Real Madrid on Iberostar trip
As usual. The FIFA virus has cast a shadow over Real Madrid, with two of its main pillars injured.

How Zidane overcomes the FIFA virus

The first setback was for Luka Modric, the best player in the world. , To calculate the ninth round of Leja.

The question now is: Will these absences negatively affect the awakening of Zinedine Zidane and his battalion? Logically, it doesn't look like that, maybe the other way around. First, the Royal tops the Primera Liga by two points from Barcelona, ​​and anyone who wants to cling to the top is only looking for injuries and absences, let alone more than crowned La Liga and the Champions League.

Second, past experience has shown that Zizo rarely stumbles in such difficult situations, rather after the return of players from international gatherings, winning nine games to two, an average of 31 goals in his rivals for the reception of 10 goals, a mix that was unable to solve Julien Lopetegui and Santiago Solari last season.

Third, and most importantly, Zizo has more than an alternative to Modric and Bell. For the first, he is no longer the basis of that magician with special abilities to link the center to the last third of the pitch, in addition to his low physical rates, by his age, which usually does not help him Execute his defensive and offensive tasks with the same efficiency.

How Zidane overcomes the FIFA virus

The same applies to Bell, even more complicated, with his relationship with the fans of the club to a standstill, but he plays in a mood and no worse, as he confirms every time in his conversation with the journalists, to be affected by the shock of trying to expel him for the last Mercato, and in general, the public confidence And the majority are no longer waiting for him anything new, and there are those who marvel at the insistence of Zidane to involve him in the glut of available young talent.

Witness, that Modric and Bell's injury is in the interest of the Zidane project, because it will give Federico Valverde a new opportunity to prove his feet in the starting line-up as a second player next to Casemiro, for his excellence in his defensive roles, compared to Toni Kroos and Modric, this is hardly what Zizo was looking for in a season Summer, with the support of midfielder with different specifications from the trio Casimiro Modric and Kroos.

How Zidane overcomes the FIFA virus?

Bell's replacement is more than one player who can make up for his absence, such as Zidane's favorite Lucas Vazquez, if he is fit, as a right-winger or third striker alongside Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard, or Junior Vinicius, who is hungry for papers. His adoption of his French coach, as with the new discovery of Rodrigo, or Zidane may have to change his strategy again as he did in recent weeks, and relies on Luca Jovic next to the French goalscorer, and behind them the Belgian Galacticos, and other solutions that may help the royal to complete his recent awakening.

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