Officially La Liga rejects the new clasico date

Officially La Liga rejects the new clasico date

The Spanish league has objected to the decision of the federation to set the date of the Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid to be on 18 December.

"La Liga does not agree with the competitions committee on the Clasico date on December 18, despite the agreement with Barcelona and Real Madrid," La Liga president Javier Tibas said in an official statement.

He continued: "We will examine all the documents and the reasons that led to the identification of this day before taking the necessary legal action to challenge the decision of the Competitions Committee."

The statement pointed out the desire of La Liga to play the game on December 4 instead of December 18 and that the Association submitted a formal request to do so.

Thibaut refused to play on December 18 because of his opposition to the King's Cup.

It is noteworthy that the League asked at first to transfer the Clasico to the Santiago Bernabeu instead of going to Camp Nou without trying to postpone.

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