Ramos filed an appeal against a fine of one million euros

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has filed an appeal against a fine imposed by his country's tax authorities after a court found him guilty of infringement of his public image rights between 2012 and 2014.

MADRID (Reuters) - Ramos is fined 1 million euros ($ 1.1 million) but Ramos has said he will appeal against the decision, Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo reported.

Ramos issued a statement saying that changing the law caused the fine.

The text of Ramos' statement against the fine of the IRS fine

As the statement said: It is an administrative fine and not a criminal penalty, and given my disagreement with the change of standards by the IRS and payment of my settlement I decided to use my right to appeal the IRS decision.

Argentine captain Lionel Messi, former Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus, have already been sentenced to prison and fined after being convicted of tax fraud.

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