Rodrigo beats Vinicius figures confirm

MADRID (Reuters) - Real Madrid's youngster Rodrigo has overtaken compatriot Vinicius Jr.

Rodrigo beats Vinicius figures confirm

Vinicius played in Mallorca's defeat by Real Madrid on Saturday but missed the expected level and missed several easy chances, while Rodrigo stole the spotlight with a clash against Saray and gave a good return.

The numbers do justice to Rodrigo at the expense of Vinicius at Real Madrid
The newspaper said in its report that both players participated for 81 minutes, before being replaced in the second half, and it seems that Rodrigo began to gain the confidence of Zinedine Zidane gradually, while Vinicius lose the confidence of everyone.

Rodrigo fired two shots on goal against Galatasaray, while Vinicius did not hit a shot on goal, and all his attempts were outside the post and the bar.

Vinicius outperforms the Dodgers, with two dribbles against Mallorca and one for Rodrigo, but the latter has a better pass rate of 74%, versus 73% for Vinicius.

Vinicius lost the ball 18 times during his time on the pitch, and Rodrigo, who lost the ball 15 times, also outperformed the latter and recovered 8 to 4 for Vinicius.

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