The stages of changing the date and place of the Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid

The upcoming Clasico match at the Camp Nou between Barcelona and Real Madrid made the headlines after the league asked the Spanish Football Federation to change the venue because of events in Barcelona.

The stages of changing the date and place of the Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid

The city has witnessed several demonstrations and protests over the arrest of some political leaders in the city and sentenced to prison terms and condemned the Barcelona Club and some symbols of the decision in some statements in the past few days.

The following report, which will be updated in succession, reviews the issue and its consequences in the past and future hours.

# 1 League League requests change regarding stadium

The Spanish league has asked the federation to change the stadium from Camp Nou to Santiago Bernabéu, and the return leg is what plays in Barcelona.

The Spanish federation confirmed that the matter will be presented to the two clubs and will be given until next Monday to respond, and then the final decision of the Competitions Committee.

# 2 Reject from Real Madrid

According to reports in the Spanish media, Ferial Madrid rejected the idea of ​​hosting Clasico because he planned reforms at the same time, as well as his view of the subject that it would be harmful to the competition in the tournament, and to some interested parties.

# 3 Detect the reasons for the possible change

According to Ace, the league was based on a "great power" that hinders the event and makes it possible to get out the rules and deadlines.

The newspaper confirmed that there will be a meeting of the Competitions Committee on Thursday morning to discuss the issue and make a decision on the subject.

# 4 Mounting in demonstrations

The demonstrations escalated in the last hours, some people were arrested by the police, in addition to the injury of about 125 others, and clashes broke out inside the airport "Josep Taradias" in Barcelona between demonstrators and police, which led to the suspension of some flights.

# 5 Barcelona cites referendum incident

Sources close to Barcelona told AS newspaper that the club has so far refused to comment on the decisions, and that it takes into account the refusal of the Spanish Federation to postpone the meeting of the team in 2017 against Las Palmas, although it coincided with the referendum of the Catalonia region, which led to the time to play the meeting without an audience.

# 6 Barcelona stick to his position

The Catalan club has already received notice of the match and have the opportunity to submit any special requests until next Monday and does not rule out the passage of this period without any difference.

The president of the Catalan Football Association, John Sotiras, said during the handover ceremony that Messi is not expected to postpone or change the venue of the game unless there are exceptional and abnormal events.

Soteras criticized what he called the La Liga rush for the request for the postponement, stressing Barcelona's insistence on the Clasico on time and at Camp Nou.

# 7 December is the solution

The latest reports in the Spanish press talk about the possibility of moving the meeting to be held on the eighteenth of December next because of the difficulty of playing in the "Santiago Bernabeu" October 26.

# 8 Real Madrid and Barcelona are suspended

The Spanish federation confirmed that Real Madrid and Barcelona sent their views on the date and place of the Clasico in the past hours, and will discuss the matter and make a decision with the Competitions Committee.

# 9 LaLiga rejects the new deadline

Spain's La Liga president Javier Tibas has rejected the idea of ​​playing El Clasico on December 18 because of the King's Cup.

# 10 Imminent announcement of final decision

The Spanish Federation will issue its final decision at 6 pm local time after reviewing all the data from the parties concerned, and the end of the meeting with the Competitions Committee.

# 11 Spanish government denies interference

Fernando Marlaska, Spain's interior minister, denies that his government has asked for a postponement and said it was able to secure the match on time.

# 12 The Spanish Federation demands the parties to set the date of the match

The competition committee has officially announced the postponement of the Clasico and asked Real Madrid and Barcelona to set the new date for the match before 10 am local time next Monday, otherwise, it will set the date itself.

# 13 Barcelona officially comment

Barcelona issued a statement expressing their dissatisfaction with the postponement of the game, but confirmed that it would work with the decisions of the Competitions Committee to set a new date, and chose December 18 to play Clasico.

Barcelona also confirmed that it will take all necessary measures to refund the value of tickets sold to the fans, and stressed his confidence in the good conduct of his administration and his fans to organize the game on time.

# 14 Zidane attached

Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach, commented on recent events and decisions:
"We will do what they ask us and I don't think about it. I know there is a lot of discussion about the meeting and that makes sense, but my position is always to play the game when it's scheduled without talking about other things."

He added:
"I have preferences for the Clasico Day but I will not say it here. The administration knows very well my position."

# 15 Real Madrid agree with Barcelona

Real Madrid has also issued an official statement in which they agreed with Barcelona on the desire to play the delayed Clasico on December 18, to put the Spanish federation and the Competition Committee in trouble because of the synchronization of the date with the King's Cup matches.

# 16 La Liga requests a different date

According to Marca, the league preferred to play the game on December 4 and not on the 18th of the same month as Real Madrid and Barcelona had requested.

# 17 Tips alludes to a new appointment

La Liga president Javier Tipas hinted that there was an initial desire to play the meeting on December 7, due to commercial and marketing reasons, but the two clubs proposed December 18.

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