Toni Kroos avenges himself after a disappointing season

With an unbridled desire to prove the fault of the critics who had failed to take away from the Real Madrid squad that had won the Champions League, Toni Kroos started the season strongly, and instead of leaving the sunken ship, he took the helm and drove it to safety.

Toni Kroos has been criticized for his long-time career last season, but this season he has been providing great midfield levels, as he missed the game due to injury, showing his value to everyone.

Like the rest of the players, the German was on the cusp of leaving in the summer, but he was determined to stay and avenge himself and his last contribution was against The Stroke of Saray when he scored the winning goal.

Real Madrid engineer shuts up the tongues of skeptics:

"Day after day and game after game, Toni Kroos proves to be one of the best deals real Madrid have made in recent years, he has been saddened by the criticism and is now back to regain his best," said the Spanish newspaper Marca in a report published on Saturday.

His commitment and his departure from Bayern Munich in the summer of 2014 to sign with the Whites are characteristics appreciated by Santiago bernabéu fans, since that moment, he has won 12 championships and played 244 games.

Tony Kroos' professionalism after suffering his recent injury started qualifying immediately to be ready for the important Saray stroke match, only his third injury since joining the Whites.

With a €20 million contract to 2023, Toni Kroos will continue to spread his creativity in the Spanish capital, scoring 15 goals and making 61 assists so far.

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