Valverde is destroying Eriksen's dream of joining Real Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur's Danish star Christian Eriksen's dream of moving to Real Madrid could be evaporated because of Uruguayan teenager Federico Valverde.

Valverde is destroying Eriksen's dream of joining Real Madrid

Christian Eriksen has been linked with a free transfer to Real Madrid after his contract with Spurs expires next summer.

Real Madrid tried to sign Christian Eriksen last summer, but the management of the London team refused, so Meringue may wait next summer to sign him.

Real Madrid dismissed Eriksen because of Valverde
However, The Sun suggested that the Real Madrid administration could dispense with the idea of ​​hiring Christian Eriksen because of 21-year-old Federico Valverde.

The paper added that Uruguay Federico Valverde offers very special levels with Real Madrid this season, after returning from loan.

The Sun said that the management of Real Madrid is fully convinced of Uruguayan Valverde, and see him as the successor to Croatian Luka Modric, so he has turned away from hiring Christian Eriksen, and provide his salary money to sign another player.

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