Why did fans make boos against Belhanda in the Real Madrid match?

Galatasaray lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League 1-0, and despite the good performance of Younis Belhanda, the star of Morocco, he faced boos when he came out of the stadium.

Why did fans make boos against Belhanda in the Real Madrid match

Galatasaray lost their second Champions League group game of the season with a 1-0 home defeat by Real Madrid in the first half.

The Turkish side maintained its place at the bottom of Group A in the Champions League with one point earned by a draw with Club Brugge.

The stroke of Saray played a very good first half and Real Madrid exchanged attacks and had several good chances for a neutral exit but all of them were wasted, one of which was through Moroccan striker Younes Belhanda.

The team's performance slumped in the second half and seemed completely surrendered to their fate, and Merengue almost added more than one goal, but the conciliation did not ally his attackers and the crossbar was blocked by a powerful shot from Eden Hazard.

The striking behavior of the Galatasaray fans was the moment Younis Belhanda was out of the stadium at the 65th minute with a technical decision by coach Fateh Tarim. There were a lot of boos against the Moroccan player, who appeared to be dissatisfied with both the coach's decision and the fans' behavior.

Why did the crowd of Galatasaray boos against Younis Belhanda?

It did not start during the Champions League clash against Real Madrid, but since last Friday's match in the eighth round of the Turkish league against Sevas Sport.

Galatasaray won 3-2 to take the tally to 13 out of 24 points.

The Turkish press reported that the whistles from the fans came to express their dissatisfaction with the performance of Younis Belhanda this season, as she demanded the 29-year-old to do more and provide the required addition to improve the situation of the team, which is in sixth place, four points behind the lead.

What was Belhanda's reaction to the behavior of the fans in Real Madrid's Champions League meeting?
Younes Belhanda did not accept the behavior of the Galatasaray fans in the Champions League match against Real Madrid, and he appeared to show signs of anger and resentment today as he left the Turk Telecom Arena.

It has evolved to the point of exchanging swearing clearly in front of the cameras with the fans of Galatasaray, marking a new episode in the deteriorating relationship between the Moroccan player and the Turkish public.

The series, which began after a few games this season, is a result of poor team performance as a whole and fans of Younes Belhanda have held much of the responsibility for poor performance due to their low level of effectiveness and positive impact on the pitch.

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What is the reaction of coach Fateh Tarim to the whistles of boos of the Galatasaray fans against Younis Belhanda?

The Turkish veteran has joined fans of Galatasaray in anger and resentment at Belhenda's performance this season. He called on him to do more and improve his level and provide the required addition threatening to leave the team during the January 2020 transfer.

He told the Turkish newspaper Aksham ":" I am not satisfied with what he offers Belhanda, I have told him that he will leave the stroke of Saray in the transfer market next winter if he continued to walk in this way.

The Turkish newspapers that the coach believes that the performance of Belhanda no longer meets the aspirations of the technical staff wishing to use players able to make the addition, which may mean his exit from the accounts in the coming period to give up in the winter Mercato.

Will Belhanda leave for the Saudi league in the winter 2020 transfer market?

The decline in the results of the stroke of Saray in the Turkish league and approaching the exit from the group stage of the Champions League will increase the pressure on the team and coach Fatih Tarim, so the coach is expected to resort to calm the angry fans to make technical decisions to their liking, most notably, of course, the removal of Younis Belhanda from the starting line-up.

The Moroccan player has not already delivered the desired level this season, scoring only one goal and making it like that in six Turkish league games, and has not provided any positive number in two Champions League games.

Belhanda was desperately wanted in the Saudi league during the summer transfer market, as he competed to win his services Al Ittihad and Al Hilal, and the first in particular was ready to offer a large amount to win his services, but former coach Luis Sierra refused to complete the deal at the last minute.

The sacking of Sierra and the emergence of foreign players at a poor level, especially Villanueva and the late Luis Jimenez, may prompt the team to take advantage of what is happening with Belinda in the stroke of Saray and make an offer for him during the winter Mercato, but the federation may not be alone and may find fierce competition from Saudi, Emirati, and Qatari clubs.

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