Why does Real Madrid suffer with Zidane?

Hardly succeeded Real Madrid in beating The Stroke of Saray Turkish in the Champions League to survive a difficult trap and complicate the group after failing to score only one point in the first two games.

The victory came at a perfect time after the first defeat in La Liga against the newly-emerging Real Mallorca.

Is there a crisis at Real Madrid? Is the problem in coach Zinedine Zidane or in management or the players? Where's the glitch?

History answers.

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Over the course of 117 years, Real Madrid's history has gone through periods of success and periods of decline and won the Champions League title 6 times in the old system and 7 times in the new system to be the best ever as well as crowned Lega for 33 times away from the nearest Barcelona with 8 championships.

These titles confirm that Real Madrid is a successful institution and is probably the most successful in Europe and the world, even periods of decay were few compared to other clubs such as The Grim Barcelona.

Like any successful organization, all Real Madrid have done throughout their history is to hire the best players at the best prices in each position with a coach who is good at dealing with them and recruiting them properly to deliver the best possible performance.

This does not include following a specific philosophy such as Barcelona, AC Milan or other teams but the goal is to win and the way does not matter as long as the public celebrates the title.

Random planning is why Real Madrid has won six champions titles in less than 10 years, including 5 in a row, and then waited 32 years to win the title again.

It made him win the champions three times in 5 years and then wait 12 years to achieve it again four times in 5 years of three titles in a row, the same team that did not participate in the Champions League in 1997 to return the following year and achieve the championship.

Why did you stop?

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The success of The Real Madrid project has always been based on galacticos and a suitable way to manage it from a coach who knows how to handle the available elements well.

Although Real Madrid is still a major economic force, they now face major economic powers such as Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Manchester United, and even Barcelona and Atlético, and after Neymar's €222 million deal and price inflation, everything has become more complicated.

Real Madrid is no longer the most dismissed team but some can include a young talent who has not reached the age of 20 for 126 million euros and another spends 105 million euros to include a player who has only two seasons at a good level with Dortmund and Stade Rennes.

The teams are now asking for huge money in the players, Mindy, Militao, and Jović came to strengthen the bench and cost the club's treasury 160 million euros, and the young Rodrigo left Brazil only for 45 million euros.

Project without project

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In the past, Real Madrid replaced their players when their level declined and they included the best in their position as a substitute so quickly that they were accused of not respecting their legends but now they can no longer do the same.

The generation that has won three championships in a row has been exhausted and exhausted and has at times been unable to offer the new and instead of replacing it and bringing in better players came some young deals that have not yet gained Zidane's confidence.

Real Madrid has never established a clearly defined sports project and therefore will not be able to do so now and even if they want to, they will not be with Zidane and will not be with a coach under the pressure and fire of quick results even if his philosophy is successful.

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