Zidane's empire resists criticism with 6 guards

It is no secret that the clash of the Turkish Saray was the most important game for Zinedine Zidane this season, which almost knocked the French coach out of the walls of the stronghold of Real Madrid, if not victory.

But Zidane since his return in the second term, and he is betting on the old guard, despite criticism, and indeed the royal team succeeded in achieving his first victory of the season in the Champions League, to get Zizou out of the bottle.

A golden hexagon removes Zidan's empire from the storm:

The Spanish newspaper "ABC", that Sergio Ramos, Varane, Marcelo Casemiro, Hazzard and their great friend Benzema are the ones who form the imperial guard of Zidane and they serve as a fortress for the French coach, because these players are the ones who convey the feelings of "Zizou" to the rest of the players and defend him in front of the means Media.
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"Since Zidane took charge of Real Madrid on 4 January 2016, Ramos has been his eye on the pitch. Varane, who was formed as a player in Al-Marini, always had the support of Zidane, before the latter became coach of the first team."

"Benzema has also been supported by Zidane to overcome crises since Mourinho made him suffer against Higuain in 2011, while Casemiro in March 2016 was involved with the French coach and has since become an indispensable player."

She explained: "Marcelo also owes to Zidane for his continuity, as the Brazilian's future was the subject of discussion within the walls of the club, but Zidane wanted him to stay by his side, and for hazard he tried to come in 2016 with the support of Zizou and eventually achieved his dream in 2019."

The Spanish newspaper pointed out, that the loss to Mallorca put Zinedine Zidane in a difficult position, and his continuity was questioned but the leaders in Istanbul fought to enable the coach to overcome the crisis.

The newspaper concluded its report by saying: "These six players do not accept that the coach is only the blame in the team and that the criticism sought directly only to him, they defend him because Zidane is the coach who speaks, decides and changes to solve the problems, without any anger and any favoritism."

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