The other side .. Real Madrid fans have to hate Cristiano Ronaldo!

The other side .. Real Madrid fans have to hate Cristiano Ronaldo!

Juventus striker Cristiano Ronaldo and former Real Madrid striker Real Madrid are losing their popularity in the Bernabeu.

Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juventus in the summer of 2018, from Real Madrid, in a historic deal exceeding 100 million euros, after winning the Champions League with the Royal club for the fourth time in the shirt of the Royal Club, and the third in a row.

Ronaldo, who does not see some fans of Real Madrid

At first, I know he is Real Madrid's historic goalscorer and his current legend and was a major reason for the team's collective achievements. Here I am not going to talk about Ronaldo, a football legend in general, and our conversation will address part of his controversial personality.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who loves challenges and breaks records, is probably why he moved to Juventus, who also aspire to win the Champions League.

At the same time, he is interested in his appearance and wants to make his image top of the cover of newspapers, even if at the expense of his colleagues, hence the problem.

Real Madrid achieved the greatest historic achievement in the modern era, crowning the Champions League for the third time in a row at the expense of Liverpool, in a match that was not the first star on the pitch Cristiano Ronaldo as we used to.

But this historic event did not make headlines, fans debates on social media and in public gatherings, but the kidnapping of the controversial statement made by Cristiano Ronaldo and opened the door for his departure from the Royal Club, this did not happen after months, days or one day of the coronation, Even a few hours after the final Kiev.

Ronaldo and Perez .. oppressor and oppressed

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez was indicted at the time amid demands to satisfy the club's all-time top scorer and renew his contract with the material appreciation that the Portuguese star sees fit.

Suppose that Ronaldo is right in his demands, and to make a statement in public after the crowning of the Champions League to put the club in an embarrassing situation, but it is not the first time and the player had a long history of similar situations, but the fans were forgetting then.

Year after year, "Ronaldo refuses to renew and announce it through his personal account on Facebook, return to his old club Manchester United, talking with Laurent Blanc on the pitch and in front of all cameras at a time when all the newspapers talk about a possible transfer to Paris Saint-Germain."

The penultimate scene, the Portuguese newspaper 'Apola', seems to be leaked from his agent Jorge Mendes, talked about the departure of the player in the summer of 2017, speak of seriousness, but at the last minute, Ronaldo continued with Real Madrid. Until the moment of departure came the following year with a scenario not new to the player.

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In the time of Alzheimer's and ungrateful

This may be on your dear reader, but the reality is that Real Madrid missed Ronaldo, and Ronaldo misses Real Madrid, both need the other. But who needed the second party more?

Ronaldo, who was 33 years old after his departure from Real Madrid, exchanged accusations between him and some of the players of the Royal Club, until the "Don" to confirm that he feels comfortable in the Bianconeri, everyone there as a family, and that Dybala also Mandzukic, for example, They get angry if they are not registered, unlike other places.

Let's talk a little bit about Don, who wants to play any game against any opponent in various tournaments, in search of more records, but from the end of the 2013/2014 season the player began to suffer injuries at the end of the season, which was repeated the following season with Carlo Ancelotti, but with Zidane everything changed.

He switched his position to the outright striker to maintain the physical condition of his first star, and after the rest of his advantages as a winger of age, he certainly convinced Ronaldo to enter the round with the rest of the group to become the first net star in times of decisiveness.

Persuading Ronaldo to sit on the bench in some games was not easy for another manager but Zidane, who has a psychological approach to the stars, because of his wonderful career as a player, and full knowledge of all the hidden in the dressing rooms, but the French legend succeeded in this with his first star.

The result, unprecedented collective successes, thanks to Zidane's integrated system, Ronaldo was instrumental thanks to his decisive goals at the end of the season, culminating in many individual awards that Don loves.

Ronaldo problem with Sari

All that Zinedine Zidane gave to Ronaldo, is demolished at Juventus, because of the different offensive ideas of both clubs. The Portuguese star was far from the goal.

Ronaldo scored 34 goals and made 12 assists in 57 appearances for the old lady, but what is striking is that Don played 31 times as a left-winger and 26 as an outspoken striker.

Ronaldo is a big part, returning to his old position as a left-winger and joining the former Mandzukic and Higuain attack, both of which did not make the same sacrifices as Karim Benzema.

Until we got to the famous cat, Ronaldo seems to be affected by an injury, Sari switched against Milan and angry Portuguese star in a usual scene, Sari did not improve the handling of the Don, and the Don returned to what it was before Zidane.

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