Great Man - A Disappointing Man | Real Madrid and Deportivo Alavés

Great Man - A Disappointing Man | Real Madrid and Deportivo Alavés

Who is the best and worst player in the game Deportivo Alavés and Real Madrid

Real Madrid scored the three points after beating Deportivo Alavés 2-1 in the round of 15.

More than one player at a good level appeared in the match, such as Casemiro, Toni Kroos, and Lucas Pérez, and some have declined, led by Bale and Benzema.

In the following report, we review the best and worst player in the match.

Great man - Dani Carvajal


Dani Carvajal played a very strong game both defensively and offensively and his front was more solid on Marcelo's side and he appeared very distinctive.

On the offensive level, he scored the second goal and created a chance to score and made five of his nine attempts. The player earned aerial games on 4 occasions and grounded on one occasion out of twice as his defensive coverage was very good in collaboration with Éder Militão.

The player took the ball out twice, shot the ball twice and completed a successful dodge.

Disappointing Man - Gareth Bale


Gareth Bale made a less-than-expected game and came out after 67 minutes and was Zinedine Zidane's first chance of the game and the young Rodrygo came down.

On 67 minutes, only one ball came out of goal and only one successful dodge was made. Despite two offers, none of them reached a Real Madrid player and the ball touched his head in the first half and hit the post, the only moment Gareth Bale appeared dangerously.

Bale was not the highlight of the game, although it was his main involvement for a long time, he did not benefit from it.

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