Real Madrid will not try to sign Mbappe next summer

Real Madrid will not try to sign Mbappe next summer

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has returned to his form after a long period of floundering results and results, after a big win over the Turkish clay of Saray 6-0 in the Champions League and then victory against Eibar with a clean four.

Real Madrid is set to meet Basque Real Sociedad on Saturday (November 23rd) in the 14th round of the Primera Liga, at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Real Madrid will not try to sign Mbappe next summer

Real Madrid will not try to sign Mbappe next summer

Paris Saint-Germain striker Killian Mbappe will not leave the club at next summer's Mercato and will stay at least next season, according to Spanish media.

According to the Spanish network analysis of the famous French journalist Julian Lorenz, who confirmed that it is impossible to leave Mbappe from Paris after the end of next season, due to the simple reason, that the price of 400 million euros.

Nacho hints at Real Sociedad

MADRID (Reuters) - Real Madrid's Nacho Fernandez has hinted he will join Real Sociedad on Saturday.

"Things are going according to plan and this makes me very happy," the player said in a press statement late on Thursday.

"I don't want to set a specific date for my return but I think I will be back in group practice next week if things continue along the same lines."

Real Madrid receive very good news about Marcelo

The injured Marcelo Junior, who has been injured since Real Madrid's clash against Saratay last week, joined in part training with the rest of his teammates on Thursday at the Valdepebas sports stadium.

The 31-year-old has trained normally, while he will get the mandatory medical clearance for the next game against Real Sociedad if he continues on the right track.

Lopetegui: There is no difference between Real Madrid and Sevilla

Sevilla coach Julien Lopetegui said the differences between Real Madrid and Andalusia are not great, pointing out that his experience with Los Blancos has been beneficial for him.

“I am not empty to analyze what happened at Real Madrid,” Lopetegui told Spanish newspaper Marca.

"There is no difference between Real Madrid and Sevilla in terms of style and strategy as well as preparations, but in terms of the quality of the players, there is a big difference."

Arsenal and Tottenham struggle to sign Gareth Bale

The struggle for English winger Gareth Bale from Real Madrid has flared in the coming winter.

Spain's Oak Diario reported on Thursday that Tottenham wanted to restore Bell's services but would not find the way for the dream as Arsenal are competing in the deal.

Bell's agent, Jonathan Barnett, is looking to put points over the player's future with Real Madrid as he leaves French coach Zinedine Zidane's plans this season.

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