Algeria coach: We don't need Karim Benzema

Algeria coach: We don't need Karim Benzema

Algerian national team coach Jamal Belmadi was shocked by The Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, who has been embroiled in a war of words with French Federation president Noel Le Gret because of his return to the national team.

"I thought you were not interfering in the coach's decision, but you have to know that I'm the only one who decides when the end of my international career, if you think I'm done, let me play with one of the countries that qualify to play with it, and we'll see what will be limited," he said. W.

FIFA law stipulates that a player who participates with a national federation in an official match can only play in another team, including in exceptional cases, including that the player lose the nationality of the country to which he or she played, but the main requirement is that the nationality of the player be withdrawn from it and not waived by his own will.

Most media outlets interpreted Benzema's statements that he intended to represent Algeria's national team, but according to FIFA law, he could only do so if the French government decided to revoke his citizenship.

Belmadi is not interested in calling the Real Madrid striker

Whether Benzaima is allowed to represent Algeria or not, coach Jamal Belmadi does not seem to care about the matter, as he believes his team does not need his services.

"Benzema? I'm happy with the names I have in the forward line, Fiunajah, Soleimani, Delors, Sudanese, they're doing great."

The Madrid newspaper interpreted these statements as an explicit declaration by Belmadi that he did not want to call Karim Benzema even if possible.

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