awesome man_Disappointed man | Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain

awesome man_Disappointed man Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain

Meet the cool and disappointing man of Real Madrid and PSG in the Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain scored a bizarre draw from Real Madrid 2-0 at the Santiago Bernabéu in the fifth round of the Champions League group stage.
Although the match was a collectible for both sides after they were confirmed to have reached the final, it was characterized by the usual dew and excitement of the big matches of the old continent and remained suspended until the last minute.

Now we get to know the cool and disappointing man of this game.

Great man: Isco - Real Madrid


Isco made a big game, although he was locked in the bench for a long time, Zidane managed to bring him back in time and make him the undisputed man of the match.

Zidane realized that the mistake in the first leg was to close the passing angles on Toni Kroos, and he also knew that there was a clear problem between the lines in Paris, and Isco was the tool his first passes and then his moves again.

It should also be noted the efforts of Federico Valverde, this promising young man who also made a remarkable effort, and of course, Toni Kroos was one of the most important men of the game as well, and in general, Real Madrid were all brilliant today except for the two minutes in which Paris drew suddenly and strangely in Anne one.

Disappointing man: Marco Verratti - Paris Saint-Germain


A very modest match from Marco Verratti, for whom Paris Saint-Germain suffered in the middle of the pitch clearly, where he failed to deal with the pressure and could not undo Real Madrid's defenses in a blocked.

As soon as Verratti came out and was replaced by Sarabia, Paris Saint-Germain was free and finally managed to move forward, scoring two goals and equalizing.

Marquinhos, who was one of the worst players in PSG, also had to be humbled.

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