Bale responds to Welsh fans' cheers with new provocation for Real Madrid

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Gareth Bale, a Real Madrid player, continued to provoke his team's fans with controversial new statements.

The relationship between Welshman Gareth Bale and his coach Zinedine Zidane has reached a deadlock between the two sides, and the player has become unwanted at the royal club.

Gareth Bale said earlier that he was more excited when playing for Wales than he represented Real Madrid while at home in preparation for euro 2020.

Gareth Bale provokes Real Madrid fans again

The Welsh fans raised their flag, reading" Bill, Wales, Golf, Madrid", during Wales' match against Azerbaijan, which ended with Bale and his teammates winning a clean double in euro 2020 qualifiers.

The sign comes in response to Gareth Bale's attack in Madrid and his keen interest in golf.

When asked about this, Bale replied: "Cheers wales, golf, Madrid? We always love to support the fans and sing them, and they are the 12th player."

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