Casillas comments on Mourinho's first European win with Tottenham

Porto goalkeeper Iker Casillas praised Tottenham Hotspur's victory under Jose Mourinho on Tuesday in the fifth round of the Champions League group.

Tottenham suffered in the first 20 minutes by a 2-0 lead over Olympiacos, but Spurs turned the score into four, guaranteeing qualification for the round of 16.

This is Jose Mourinho's first match with Tottenham in the Champions League, after taking over as the successor to Mauricio Pochettino of Argentina.

Casillas wrote on his Twitter account:

Casillas and Mourinho. Historical enmity at Real Madrid

Jose Mourinho's time with Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013 saw great differences between them, and the team split between all their supporters.

Mourinho and Cacias' problem began when the Portuguese decided to give Spanish goalkeeper Diego Lopez a place in the starting line-up.