Casillas: Ronaldo's winning the Ballon d'Or makes no sense

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Iker Casillas, the former Spanish goalkeeper for Real Madrid, expressed his opinion that it is illogical for his former royal team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo to win the next Ballon d'Or.

Casillas explains why he sees Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't deserve the Ballon d'Or

Casillas said, via his Twitter account, Van has been selected as the best player from the European Union, Lionel Messi has been chosen the best by FIFA, if Cristiano Ronaldo wins the Ballon d'Or, the guide we use in football to determine who is the winner in the biggest individual matches It would make no sense to me."

The UEFA Best Award is presented at the selection of 53 top sports journalists who cast their votes for three of their favorite players in order.

The FIFA Award is decided by the leaders of national elections and the national coaches of the continental federations listed in FIFA, and 50% of the votes are given to fans via online voting.

The Ballon d'Or is different from the previous one, as it is awarded for every calendar year, not a football season, and the assessment on which it is awarded is based on all competitions, including friendly matches, and is voted to be awarded by 193 sports journalists.

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