‎FFF president: Benzema is special but the team is over for him

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FFF president praises Benzema and writes his death certificate for the national team

French Football Federation (FFF) president Noel Le Gret confirmed that Karim Benzema's problem with the national team was never a technical one, and never related to his potential or his value as a player.

The French squad has seen the absence of Benzema, who has continued since his famous case with Mathieu Valbuena, despite the outstanding level he currently offers.

The president of the French Football Federation (FFF) has been silent, making it clear that Benzema's level and value have nothing to do with his frequent elimination.

He added: "Karim Benzema is a great player and very good. For me, I have never doubted his potential and I have never talked about him as a bad player one day."

He continued: "What he shows with Real Madrid at the moment makes him one of the best players present, but for him, the French team is completely over."

Abizaid: "There are other issues related to his departure from the team, these issues have nothing to do with what he offers on the pitch, this is what causes him to be repeatedly excluded."

It is noteworthy that Karim Benzema has been accused of extorting his compatriot Mateo Valbuena with improper tape to get 100,000 euros, and that was in early 2016.

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