Rafael Varan draws criticism at Mbappe

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Real Madrid defender Rafael Varan has criticized Paris Saint-Germain striker Kilian Mbappe and his France team-mate.

Speaking at a news conference on the sidelines of the Euro 2020 qualifier against France and Albania, Varan talked about Mbappe.

Varan: Mbappe has to get better

"As for the atmosphere inside the list, I feel that Mbappe is very good, he is always in the same situation and there are no problems with him," the Real player said in a statement.

“But on the pitch, Mbappe can do better and he can get better and he is aware of that, he has incredible potential.”

“Mbappe sometimes has to choose between his possibilities because he cannot do all things at once, he must create a connection with his colleagues, but in terms of desire, he can never doubt his desire to develop and always offer the best,” he said.

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