Real Madrid and Barcelona chasing Škriniar, Inter Milan star

Real Madrid and Barcelona chasing Škriniar, Inter Milan star

The Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sport revealed the desire of Real Madrid and Barcelona to sign Milan Skriniar, star of inter Milan's defense, during the winter transfer market.

The 24-year-old has been linked with a move to play for Real Madrid and Barcelona last summer and has now returned to the club in January.

Scrianière moved to Inter Milan in January 2017, coming from Sampdoria, and is now a pillar of the Netzari defense.

Real Madrid and Barcelona clash over the inclusion of Scrianière

The Italian newspaper pointed out that Barcelona and Real Madrid are seriously considering contracting Milan Skriniar during the winter Mercato, to strengthen their defensive line, which is suffering both things this season.

The newspaper continued that the management of Inter Milan is ready to listen to the offers of the star Screener, who is currently estimated to be priced at more than 60 million euros.

Inter Milan's approval to negotiate the sale of Scrianiar has reopened the door for Barcelona and Real Madrid to win the services of one of the world's best defenders at the moment, and the coming period will see a major struggle between the two teams to obtain the services of the Slovak player.

Scrinard's contract will expire with Inter Milan in the summer of 2023.

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