Real Madrid don't understand video referee

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Real Madrid manager Emilio Butragueno commented on the refereeing controversy in his team's match with Real Betis on Saturday night in La Liga.

Real Madrid demanded a penalty because of a hand touch on Zuhair Fadhal in his team's penalty area, but the referee consulted with the video referees and decided not to count it.

"We are puzzled by the referee's decision, the ball stopped because of the touch of the hand, but the referee saw otherwise," Butragino said in remarks quoted by Marca.

He added: "I don't understand the technique of video governance, sometimes the decision is like this, and in others, I thought that such situations would be resolved with the video."

He concluded: "Everyone thought it would be a penalty, the referee did not see the game but there is a tool to help him and help him, but the game is not counted."

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