Real Madrid number one in the world of social media

Real Madrid number one in the world of social media

Real Madrid has great power in the world of social media sites "Social Media", given the huge popularity of the team around the world.

To confirm this, Real Madrid topped the list of the most famous clubs on social media in the world, followed by the historic rival Barcelona of Spain, and then the rest of the world's teams in football and other sports at a great distance.

In terms of numbers, Real Madrid has 224 million followers on social media, the first in La Liga, and Persa is in second place.

Very popular in favor of Real Madrid in the sites of Social Media

Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain also make it to the list.

"This huge success for the Royal Club in the world of Social Media is largely due to the sporting successes of the Spanish club over the last few years on the pitch," said David Hopkinson, the royal club's global sponsorship officer.

"This popularity around the world has given us a very strong fan base in all countries of the world, and has made us number one on social media platforms."

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