Real Madrid star lists Rodrygo Goes benefits

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Real Madrid's Carlos Casemiro paid tribute to his compatriot Rodrygo Goes, unveiling the benefits of the 18-year-old, noting in the same vein that he will be an important element in the Real Madrid project in the future.

Rodrygo Goes, who played his first meeting in the Celisau shirt last Friday evening, against Argentina, which was decided by tango with lionel Messi, in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The Brazil coach was criticized for the extra reservation, in addition to pushing Prodrego in the 70th minute, because the Real Madrid player did not have enough time, and did not appear amid the brilliance of Messi and his teammates who dominated the match.

Casemiro praises his Real Madrid team-mate:

"Rodrygo Goes entered a complicated moment against Argentina where they were all defending in the back, yet he looked for distances, did not hide from the opponent and tried to do different things, things didn't go well but this "He is a player who does not escape responsibility at key moments."

He continued: "Rodrygo Goes is always trying to improve and he has already known that he is very important in Real Madrid and the national team, and the coach knows exactly what he sees in training and knows how the player reacts within the group and this is much more important than the 15 minutes he played against Argentina."

"In addition to Rodrygo's great talent, he has a good mentality and well-established feet on the ground, he understands the moment he is living and will be an important element in the future of Brazil and Real Madrid," he said.

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