Real Madrid win best sports institution award

Real Madrid win best sports institution award

Real Madrid won the 2019 Sports Foundation Award. During the ceremony in New York City.

Emilio Butragino, Director of Corporate Relations at Real Madrid, represented the club at the event, which aims to encourage individuals, organizations, and companies working to improve the world, as part of the United Nations Development Goals.

Butragino speaks after Real Madrid won the best sports institution

In remarks highlighted on real Madrid's official website, Butragino spoke about the tribute sought by the club's charitable work, which is represented by its social activity and the promotion of the values inherent in the sport.

"Real Madrid has a prestigious international standing thanks to 117 years that have allowed the club to interact with many fans around the world," said Buitrago.

"This may be due to real Madrid's tremendous success in the generational chain of values."

"These values are the unique element that has allowed the participation of all the successes and achievements of the masses over successive decades."

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