Real Madrid's options for ending Bale's crisis

Real Madrid's options for ending Bale's crisis

The controversy over the future of the Welsh star real Madrid, and the possibility of his departure from the ranks of Real Madrid, during the winter transfers in January, especially as the player realizes that he is not appreciated in the form required at the royal club in the recent period.

Bale celebrated his country's qualification to Euro 2020 in a controversial way, raising his country's flag, with the inscription "Wales, Golf, Madrid", referring to the royal club's third priority.

The newspaper "Marca" prepared a report, highlighting the solutions available to Real Madrid to deal with Bale:

Don't call him back:

It is difficult to see Bale again on the pitch with his colleagues, his mockery of the royal club, strained relations between him and the fans of Santiago Bernabéu, which means that his presence in the team list again, will not be useful, but on the other hand his sale is now complicated and he is obliged to train with The one who pays him the money.

Besides, he is obliged to comply with Zidane's decisions, which, if I were in his place, I will not call him until the end of the season and I will put him in the stands so that he can think about golf and the Euro with his country.

It's over. Let him go out in the winter:

Bale and Madrid's story is already over and should have ended before all this happened, but after raising that flag he does not have to wear a Real Madrid shirt for a minute, the fans are tired of him and will not forgive him, especially as the team performs well without him.

Real Madrid's options for ending Bale's crisis

That's why he has to leave in January because his time is over with the royal club, and it is in Real Madrid's interest sought if you are not happy, go to another club where you feel happy, thank you Gareth for everything, you should be grateful to the club that has always protected you.

Real Madrid must deal with it intelligently:

Starting with the fact that the relationship between the club and the player should not have greater continuity than this season, Gareth Bale still represents Real Madrid and therefore should not be abandoned, the management of the team has to deal with him intelligently and talk to him so as not to affect the atmosphere of the team.

We used to see such things in football, for example, the fax case, whose hero was Keylor Navas, who then won three Champions League championships. Why doesn't Gareth Bale score a crucial goal this season? He's done it before.

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