Tennis brings together Real Madrid and Barcelona

Tennis brings together Real Madrid and Barcelona

Enmity stops because of another sport

Spanish reports have revealed that some Real Madrid and Barcelona stars will attend the Davis Cup finals in Spain.

Spain plays Canada in the final of the world championship with the participation of famous star Rafael Nadal and some well-known players.

Mundo said that Barcelona star Gerard Pique had invited his team-mate, Sergio Ramos, to watch the match together.

Piquet owns a company that organizes sporting events, including tennis, and will have a special place in the stands on Sunday.

The newspaper said that the invitation to Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid has been invited by the municipality of the Spanish capital, and some players are expected to be present.

Real Madrid beat Sociedad, and Barcelona beat Leganes on Saturday evening, continuing to top the La Liga standings.

The next month will see El Clasico between the two clubs on December 18 after being postponed due to recent protests in Barcelona.

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