The strongest statements in Jose Mourinho's career

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Jose Mourinho entered a new phase in his coaching career when he decided to coach English football club Tottenham, just one year after his dismissal from Manchester United.

Tottenham contracted with Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho earlier on Wednesday, following a decision by the club's board of directors to sack Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino due to poor results.

In this report, we review the most dramatic statements Mourinho has made during his career, which has always been characterized by excitement and attacking opponents and also to emphasize that he is the number one in the world of football.

Jose Mourinho has a long history of provoking opponents

Mourinho praises himself: "Please don't say I'm cocky because what I'm saying is true, I'm the champion of Europe and so I think I'm the special guy."

Mourinho makes fun of a journalist: "I guess when you were a kid you were playing badminton (the journalist says rugby), believe me, you were playing badminton, it's a great sport."

Mourinho attacks De Boer: "I have read some words about the worst coach in the history of the Premier League Frank de Boer, seven meetings against defeats and zero goals, he was saying that it is not good for Rashford to have a coach like me, but if he trains under his hands he has lost all his games."

Mourinho provokes Barcelona: "Real Madrid beat Barcelona in the cup final, Real Madrid won the Super Cup and Real Madrid won in Barcelona and in the tournament which is historic, Real Madrid have collected 100 points and scored 121 goals, it has caused pain to them."

Mourinho asks for respect from the press: "Do you know what that means? It means three for nothing, it means three Premier League titles, I won the Premier League titles on my own with more than 19 other coaches in the championship, three for me alone and two titles for all of them."

Mourinho attacks Arsene Wenger: "You know he specializes in failure, I am not and I do not like him, so I expect he has the right to say because I am afraid of failure, I do not fail much so maybe he is right, and the truth is that he is an expert because eight years without a title is a failure, if I were in his place I would leave London and I will never come back."

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