Valbuena awaits court ruling on Benzema conviction in extortion case

Valbuena awaits court ruling on Benzema conviction in extortion case

Court of Cassation writes a new chapter of a famous extortion case

Some Spanish newspapers have confirmed that the case of the accusation of French player Matteo Valbuena, his compatriot Karim Benzema, by blackmailing him in a pornographic video, is not over until this moment.

The Real Madrid striker has won more than one court verdict of acquittal for blackmailing his former teammate since the crisis erupted in late 2015.

According to the Madrid newspaper "As", the current Olympiacos player, still wishing to prove the conviction of the former Lyon striker, despite the huge gap through which Benzema escapes each time, lies in the lack of evidence to prove his involvement in the extortion of Valbuena, to force him to pay to those who documented Sexual section.

The newspaper confirmed that the Court of Cassation will end the controversy over this case, but without specifying the date of the final verdict of the case that Valbuena refuses to give up.

At the same time, Benzema will await a supreme court ruling, hoping to get a final acquittal, after four years of gossip in this case, which has sparked public opinion in France.

Benzema has paid an exorbitant tax since the case arrived in court, excluding him from the French national team from then on.

Skirmishes between Benzema and the President of the French Football Federation, after the latter's statements about the impossibility of Karim's return to the national team again, returned to him with a vague tweet, which opened the door to speculation about the possibility of changing his international career, by playing for the Algerian national team instead of the world champions.

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