Why did Real Madrid defend Gareth Bale despite his insult to the club?

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At a time when everyone expected a harsh response from Real Madrid, both officially and informally, to the humiliating act of Welsh star Gareth Bale, the result was completely counterproductive, and the club supported him and defended him.

Gareth Bale sparked controversy by celebrating his victory with his country's Wales team to qualify for Euro 2020, where he raised his country's flag that read "Wales, Golf, Real Madrid. That's the order," he said, noting that the royal team is his last priority.

This behavior angered real Madrid fans and the press close to the club, and many considered that Gareth Bale's celebration was humiliating, especially as he does not add any addition to the team most of the season due to the numerous injuries he suffers, despite the fact that he is the highest-paid player with Sergio Ramos.

The Spanish newspaper Marca published statements of an important administrative figure at Real Madrid anonymously, whose content spelled out "Gareth Bale is our best player, and will do a lot for the club".

Other press reports have spread that Zinedine Zidane and the Real Madrid management will not impose any punishment on the Welsh star despite his controversial actions, the latest of which was the public humiliation of the club.

There are many question marks about the reaction of Real Madrid and Zinedine Zidane regarding what Gareth Bale is doing, everyone is waiting to be punished and removed from the team, but the club has decided to continue to support him, and we will try to explain the reasons behind this.

Real Madrid know very well what Gareth Bale wants

Real Madrid's long patience with Bale despite his disdain and lack of loyalty to the club is not a love for the player, or in recognition of him, or even to benefit from his services on the pitch, but to Florentino Pérez's desire to get what he wants from the Welsh star.

In short, Real Madrid wants to sell Gareth Bale in the Winter Mercato, or even next summer, after the club failed to sell him last summer, but more importantly to sell him for at least 60 million euros.

Real Madrid did not succeed in polishing the image of Bale media last summer and sell it with this amount, especially since the player's salary is very high, and clubs like Manchester United, Tottenham and Paris Saint-Germain refuse to pay more than 60 million euros to Real Madrid and provide nearly 15 million euros a year to the player, especially since he is a lot of Injuries, he's 30 years old.

The Royal Club is well aware of what Gareth Bale has been trying to do recently, he deliberately causes chaos by not committing to the dates of the matches at the Santiago Bernabéu, and to send public messages to the club that he is not interested in playing with him, in order to allow him to leave for a low amount, to ensure that he receives a high salary With the club he's moving to.

The equation is simple, the lower the price demanded by the royal club, the higher the player gets a salary from the new club, so we see Gareth Bale constantly arguing with his recklessness, he wants to force Real Madrid to get rid of him at all costs to contain the problems in the dressing room.

It is very clear that Florentino Pérez is aware of the game played by Gareth Bale and his agent, so he leaked statements to The Marca newspaper that the club still supports him, and other leaks that Zidane never wants to punish him.

Real Madrid will continue to defend and rely on Gareth Bale in the coming period to send a message to the clubs that want to get his services that the club is still sticking to him and not thinking of selling it, and this would raise his price.

Real Madrid will not gain any benefit from punishing Gareth Bale and sending him to the second team for example as Jose Mourinho did with some players during his training experiences, this will make the price of the player fall further, and the club will have to sell him free in the end to get rid of his high salary, all that happens now is  A trade war between the two parties.

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