Zidane: Mbappé our opponent and our team improved a lot after losing to them

Zidane: Mbappé our opponent and our team improved a lot after losing to them

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane confirms the difficulty of facing Paris Saint-Germain.

French coach Zinedine Zidane confirmed the coach of Real Madrid on the difficulty of facing his team next in the Champions League against his counterpart Paris Saint-Germain.

This came in a press statement made by Zidane during the conference of the meeting during which he confirmed that facing the fifth round of the group stage will be a fateful meeting for them.

Zidane said: "We need to play tomorrow's game and we put all our focus in it is a very important match for us and we will spare no effort to come up with the best result."

"Such things are normal and happened before, and then the masses come back to stand with us again," he said of the whistles that the crowd calls Ramos.

"I don't have to choose between them, they are here now to face Real Madrid with their team, they are our opponents at the moment and they will probably play mainly in the game," he said.

"The recent defeat against them was difficult for us, but we have improved since then, and in any case, we will not take tomorrow's match as a retaliatory showdown."

He ended his remarks: "I love Mbappé very much and I have known him for a long time, and his presence at yesterday's meeting may be a test for him."

Paris Saint-Germain currently occupies the top spot in the group table with 12 points, while Real Madrid is second with seven points.

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