Zidane won't go to war with Gareth Bale

Zidane won't go to war with Gareth Bale

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has decided not to respond to the provocations of Welsh star Gareth Bale towards him and the club during the international break.

Bale was seen celebrating among his Fellow Wales players as he held the Wales flag: "Wales. Golf. Madrid. This is the order" refers to his list of interests at the moment and that the Spanish club comes third in his mind.

Bale's relationship with his manager has worsened since Zidane's pre-season statements about his lack of need for a player and that he should move.

Zidane avoids a clash with Bale

Since the outbreak of this dispute between the two, Zidane has begun to act completely professionally and has involved the player in several games when he was fully physically ready.

The Spanish newspaper Marca indicated that the French coach will receive Bale like any other player and will congratulate him on the rise of his country to the finals of the European Cup and will use him in the squad in the coming period or at least be among his options.

This decision by Zidane comes as a kind of realization that any disagreement between him and the former Tottenham star will affect the dressing room of the team and this is not what the coach knows that Al-Maringi needs a united team in the coming period to continue competing in all championships.

The newspaper also explained that Bale's last shot did not provoke Zidane in the way that provoked him not to return the player from Vallecas last April or when he was playing golf while his teammates were playing for Tottenham before the start of the season.

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