Champions League | What does each team need to qualify for the round of 16?


What are the qualifying calculations in the last round of the group stage?

The 6th, final and decisive round of the Champions League group stage kicks off this week, and while several clubs have already qualified for the round of 16, other clubs are waiting for that round to resolve their passage to the next stage.

Bayern Munich, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Barcelona, and Real Madrid managed to book their seats in the champions league final, while some teams are now a few simple and easy steps away from qualifying, but some groups are witnessing fierce competition and a final round of Fire games to resolve the matter.

Together we review the position of the eight groups and what is expected in the sixth round of the group stage in the Champions League.


#1 Group 1 | A deadly calm.

The sixth and final round of the Group A group stage of the First Group Will be played in a deadly calm without anyone paying attention, everything has been resolved and there is no longer any importance for that round.

Paris Saint-Germain has not only decided their qualification for the round of 16 but also top of the group with 13 points, and Real Madrid also secured their place in the final price by occupying a second place by 8 points.

The only remaining clash between Galatasaray and Genk is about third place qualifying for the Europa League, the 3-point Turkish team will host Real Madrid in the Spanish capital, while the two-point-holder Genk will welcome Paris Saint-Germain in Belgium.


#2 Group 2 | Nothing new, no old ones to be returned.

Group B is on track for the first leg of the Champions League, as the atmosphere in the sixth and final round will be calm in terms of the top of the group.

Bayern Munich finished with 15 points, followed by 10-point Tottenham, FK Crvena Zvezda, and Olympiacos on the Europa League card.

The Serbian team is 3 points ahead of the Greek, but the last round match between them in Greece will be decisive and may make the difference.


#3 Group 3 | Game Musical Chairs

The leader in Group C of the Champions League was cleared as Manchester City secured their early qualification by 11 points, leaving the trio behind in a fierce struggle over the second card.

Shakhtar Donetsk is in second place with 6 points, Dinamo Zagreb with 5 and finally Atalanta with 4 points, but the sixth round may see the Italian team qualifying behind the group!

Atalanta only needs to beat Shakhtar in the match to be held in Ukraine, victory alone will not guarantee him qualification but needs a loss or a draw Dinamo Zagreb with Manchester City.

Shakhtar Donetsk needs to win only without considering any other calculations to ensure their qualification for the round of 16, a draw is enough if Dinamo Zagreb does not achieve the surprise and defeats Manchester City.

Dinamo Zagreb needs to beat Manchester City in Croatia and then wait for Shakhtar's loss to Atalanta and this case only guarantees him qualification.

As we can see, it's a game of musical chairs in the third set and everything can happen in the sixth round.


#4 Group 4  | Spanish-German conflict

Juventus escaped the difficult qualifying calculations in the last round with 13 points and kept the second card the subject of a Spanish-German clash.

Atletico Madrid is currently in second place with 7 points against Bayer Leverkusen, and Lokomotiv Moscow is out of the calculations with three points.

Atletico Madrid will host Lokomotiv Moscow in the Spanish capital and win guarantees them to qualify for the round of 16 without any other calculations, a draw or a loss qualifies Atlético Madrid if Bayer Leverkusen fails to beat Juventus, for their superiority in the calculations of confrontation.

Bayer Leverkusen needs to defeat Juventus in Germany and wait for the Russian gift, as it needs to lose or draw Atlético Madrid to secure their place in the champions league final.


#5 Group 5 | Does the titleholder come out?

A fireworks match in Austria between Red Bull and Liverpool could see a resounding surprise with the titleholder out of the group stage.

Liverpool lead Group F in the Champions League with 10 points, followed by Napoli with 9 and Red Bull Salzburg with 7, and the trio ensured play in Europe after January while Genk came out of the group dragging the tails of disappointment by one point.

Liverpool needs to win or draw to ensure qualification for the round of 16, the loss may qualify him but provided that he scored four goals and more in Austria to excel in the face-to-face clash with Salzburg, as the first leg ended in Liverpool's favor at Anfield 4-3.

Losing any result would qualify Liverpool, but provided Napoli don't beat Genk, it seems unlikely.

Salzburg needs to beat Liverpool by more than one goal to ensure qualification, or with the English team not scoring more than two goals, i.e. to win 2-1 or 3-2.

Napoli needs to win or draw against Genk to ensure their qualification for the round of 16, a loss that could qualify them if Salzburg does not beat Liverpool.

What happens if Salzburg beat Liverpool and Napoli draw with Genk? The three teams will be equal with 10 points, who will qualify here?

The Champions League final qualifying lists say that the results of the three teams will be deleted with Genk, and that's where the rankings will be. Napoli lead with 6 points, then Liverpool and Salzburg with 4 points.

Napoli will qualify and the second card will remain dependent on the outcome of the direct clash between Liverpool and Salzburg.


#6 Group 6 | Milan's Crucial Summit

Group C was considered the group of death in the Champions League, with Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Inter alongside Slavia Prague.

The Catalan team qualified early with 11 points, and the Czech team came out of the competition after failing to score more than two points.

The conflict between Inter Milan and Borussia Dortmund is fierce and they both have seven points and both play on their pitch in the sixth round, with the Italian team taking on Barcelona and Slavia Prague as the guest of the German team.

Inter need to beat Barcelona to ensure qualification without considering the result of the other match, as they will outperform the points or face-to-face with Dortmund once the two teams reach 10 points.

A draw or loss may qualify Inter if Dortmund achieves the same score against Slavia Prague or worse, i.e. inter draw with Barcelona qualifies him on condition of a draw or loss Dortmund to Slavia Prague, and the loss of Inter qualifies him if Dortmund loses.

Dortmund needs to achieve a better result than Inter, a win that guarantees them qualification if Inter does not win against Barcelona.

The bottom line is that Inter and Dortmund achieved the same result qualifying Inter with a confrontation difference as they won 2-0 and lost 3-2.


#7 Group 7 | Complex calculations

The situation in Group G is similar to the sixth but more complex, with Leipzig leading the group with 10 points, followed by Zenit Saint Petersburg and Olympique Lyonnais with 7 points, Benfica with 4, and the top three with a chance to climb to the top of the 16th.

The sixth round sees Benfica's match with Zenit in Portugal and Lyon's match with Leipzig in France.

Leipzig needs to win or draw to ensure their qualification for the round of 16 without considering any other calculations, the loss may qualify him if Zenit does not win over Benfica, or if the confrontation with Lyon in his favor, and the first leg was over in favor of the French team 2-0.

Benfica came out of those calculations because even if they beat Zenit and Lyon lose to Leipzig and the three teams equal 7 points, Zenit will qualify with a direct clash with his rivals.

Lyon qualifies for the round of 16 if he achieves a better result than Zenit will do with Benfica, i.e. a draw and loss Zenit qualifies him, as well as victory and draw or loss Zenit, but if the two teams achieve the same result will be the advantage of confrontation in favor of Zenit.

Zenit needs to qualify to achieve a better result than Lyon against Benfica because he is superior to him in confrontations.


#8 Group 8 | Three-way conflict

The excitement will culminate when the sixth round matches kick off in Group G, with three clubs having the chance to qualify for the Champions League round of 16.

Ajax leads the group with 10 points, followed by Chelsea and Valencia with 8 points, and Lille came out of the calculations after failing to collect more than one point.

Chelsea will play against Lille in the last round and look like a great chance to win and grab the qualifying card, while Amsterdam is witnessing a decisive firefight between Ajax and Valencia.

Chelsea needs to beat Lille to ensure that they qualify for the final price regardless of any other calculations, the English team will qualify in the event of a draw if Valencia loses to Ajax, but the loss will exclude him no matter what the result of the Holland match.

Ajax to qualify need to win or draw with Valencia, the loss qualifies him if Chelsea does not win over Lille.

Valencia needs to win to ensure their qualification without looking at other accounts, and any result without winning qualifies him only if Chelsea do not achieve better than them because confrontations with Chelsea play for him.

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