Soldado: I wish someone would slap me during my time with Real Madrid


Soldado started his career at Real Madrid but left quickly

Roberto Soldado, the current Granada, and former Real Madrid player confirmed that he wished someone would slap him during his tenure from the royal team to get out of the neglect he was in.

Soldado said in a press statement: "During my time at Real Madrid I was a kid, there were players like Figo and Zidane and they were very professional."

"I wasn't mentally ready, I was hoping to get a chance and get involved, and now when I remember those things, I think someone should have slapped me," he said.

He continued: "I weighed seven kilograms more than I am, I didn't care about myself, how I will play with Real Madrid and I am in this situation! if someone says let's go out and have a drink I was the first person ready to go out."

The 34-year-old played for Real Madrid from 2006 to 2008, including a loan spell to Osasuna and from there to Getafe.

He continued: "The administration contacted my father, my father decided to take a two-year vacation and then moved to Madrid to set me a limit, then I met a friend who is now in Granada with me, and I started to mature and then I met my wife and settled down but then I knew I was leaving."

He continued his remarks by saying: "My son did not see Zidane as a player, and when he sees him as a coach I tell him that I was his team-mate, and then he asked me if he was good!, So I told him to go to YouTube and write Zidane."

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