Varane praises Cristiano Ronaldo and talks about El Clasico

Varane praises Cristiano Ronaldo and talks about El Clasico

The Clásico is harder than the World Cup final.

Real Madrid's Raphael Varane praised his former teammate Cristiano Ronaldo and considered him a football legend and there are no words that can describe how creative he has been throughout his football career.

Varane was first made for Real Madrid's first team during Jose Mourinho's tenure in 2011, and the Dons spent seven years before Ronaldo decided to move to Juventus last season.

The French international spoke of Ronaldo and said, "On a humanitarian level, he is a truly wonderful and wonderful human being, and mathematically I don't have the words I can describe it, he did extraordinary things."

"There are no words to explain how crazy he is, he has made us see that the great work he does is normal. For me, I learned a lot from him, he surprised me a lot of times, I often said WOW what a wonderful thing to do!. ".

Real Madrid is preparing for the Clásico when they face Barcelona on the evening of December 18th, and Varane considered that the Clásico match has special circumstances that may exceed the difficulty and pleasure that of the World Cup final.

Varane explained his point by saying "For me, it is more difficult than the World Cup, there is no question about that. You always have to press the best players in the world besides sports pressure, it takes comprehensive work at all levels."

"There's also a lot of pressure on us from the fans, this is the match of the year for everyone. Even at the political level, you can see that the match was postponed because of the conflict between Madrid and Catalonia, it's a special match with a very high level."/

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid and Barcelona share the top of the league standings with 34 points each, and both will play a pre-Clásico match when the royal club meet Valencia while Barcelona plays at the Anoeta Stadium against Real Sociedad.

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