Javier Tibas resigns as La Liga president

Javier Tibas resigns as La Liga president

Javier Tibas, president of the Spanish Football League, resigned on Monday while confirming that he would enter a contest for re-election.

Javier Tibas, 57, has been leading la Liga since 2013, when he replaced José Luis Astiazarán, while his tenure lasts until October 2020.

Tibas has been in trouble with the Spanish Football Federation due to opposition to a match in the United States but plans to hold a meeting with Barcelona and Girona in Miami in January 2019.

The President of La Liga explains the reasons for his resignation.

Tibas said at a press conference today: "I have decided to resign from my position as president of the Spanish League until a new electoral process begins which I intend to enter, I hope to get support to stay another four years."

Tibas, who also stepped down in 2016 before being elected unopposed, said his decision to run in October will coincide with new tenders for Spanish league private broadcasting rights.

He continued: "There is a new political term to begin, so that there may be proposed laws and directives affecting our institution and our interests, the authorized person must do so by supporting the clubs for at least four years."

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