Spanish report: Ronaldo regrets leaving Real Madrid

Ronaldo regrets leaving Real Madrid

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo left his club Real Madrid last season for his current destination Torino Italian player for the big team Juventus, but it seems that both Real Madrid and Ronaldo are missing each other.

Real Madrid dropped their level sharply in the domestic league and lost last season's version of the Champions League, and its aid in the version of the current season is not a secret, Real Madrid are five points behind the leader of its group Paris Saint-Germain, who succeeded in winning it by a triple in Paris and a draw with him in the heart of his stronghold Dredd.

Ronaldo, on the other hand, does not deny that he does not live his best days in Turin despite being crowned the best player in the league last season, as he moved away from the spotlight in the competition for the Ballon d'Or for two consecutive seasons, and finished this year's race in third place, which is not used by the Madeira rocket.

Ronaldo believes that his departure from Real Madrid caused the loss of the Ballon d'Or

In this context, he confirmed a report to the Spanish newspaper ABC that Ronaldo admitted to his circle that the decision to leave Real Madrid was not right.

The report pointed out that the former Real Madrid player believes that if his career continued in the Spanish capital he would have been able to win the last two versions of the Ballon d'Or, won by Luka Modric and Lionel Messi.

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