La Liga is the hardest in Europe. It's actually got five leads on it.

The "Tom and Jerry" league, this is what the supporters of The Premier League and Serie A, like to call la Liga when they want to make fun, since the conflict is always between Real Madrid and Barcelona, and there is no other big difference in the tournament.

There is a large group that always sees La Liga as less than the Premier League in terms of competition, fun, and difficulty to crown so that some see it less than Serie A as well, and we saw voices louder to defend Cristiano Ronaldo when his scoring rate with Juventus dropped in the season Last and the beginning of this season, on the pretext that the Italian teams have a stronger defense than their Spanish counterparts.

Although La Liga is officially ranked as the strongest on the old continent by UEFA, which is based on the results of teams in the Champions League and Europa League, it is not in the view of many.

For this reason, we will review in this report 5 important evidence showing that la Liga is the toughest and perhaps the best of all other European leagues, including Serie A and English Premier League.

The number of targets shows everything.

The simplest thing to answer to the cynics of La Liga and the ease with which Real Madrid and Barcelona win matches and score heavy goals is that La Liga is the least scoring of goals among the top three European leagues.

522 goals have been scored in La Liga this season in 207 matches, an average of only two per game, while 655 goals have been scored in the Premier League this season, in 239 games, an average of 2.8 goals per game, while Serie A has seen 588 goals in 205 Matches, averaging 2.9 goals per game.

The numbers are clear: La Liga is the lowest-scoring tournament, meaning it is the strongest tactically, the hardest for the big teams, and the least available space as well, which refutes the firm beliefs of Serie A supporters that it is the strongest defensively.

The Premier League is probably the most enjoyable, and it's undoubtedly the best in terms of promotion, but it's not the best on the sporting side despite the huge money their clubs spend every year, even if the gap with La Liga narrows over time.

Competition in every league tournament

After 20 full games, Juventus have wasted only 9 points since the start of the season, while Liverpool have wasted only two points in 23 games in a stunning achievement and may turn into a record- record, while Barcelona have wasted 20 points in 21 games, while Real Madrid have wasted 17 points in 20 games.

Tom and Jerry don't seem to achieve overwhelming results for some to continue to insist on describing it in this way, and the competition in La Liga is the strongest not only in the current season, in previous seasons as well, while the champion is crowned in Serie A and English before 4 or 5 rounds at the end of the season and Moreover, the competition continues until the last minute in La Liga.

Results of European teams

The simplest thing we can do is to look at UEFA's rating as we pointed out at the beginning of the article, the results of the Spanish teams in the European Championships in the last 10 years speak for themselves, it is enough that the Champions League title was limited between Real Madrid and Barcelona 6 times, except for Atlético Madrid's arrival in the final twice also I don't know what you're talking about

It is not much different for the European League championship, which is supposed to reflect the strength of the midfield clubs in each championship, where they have won the title of Spanish teams 5 times in the last 10 years, so the La Liga clubs have won 11 European titles in the last decade out of 20 titles competed against them by all the clubs of the continent Jaws, including Serie A and English Premier League clubs.

Many deals fail in La Liga

Another point illustrates the fact that La Liga is the hardest of all the other leagues, namely the failure of those coming from other leagues to provide the same performance as they did in the past, talking about big names like Philippe Coutinho who sat and toured the Premier League, and then found himself unable to tame the ball in Spain because of the pressure I terrible on the ball carrier and the non-existent spaces.

In the past, we have seen great deals being made for the benefit of Spanish teams, but most players have not succeeded, such as Joao Felix, Gareth Bale, Coutinho, Thomas Lemar, Nabil Fakir, Eden Hazard, Luka Jović and many other names.

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the best in Europe and not Spain

Real Madrid and Barcelona have indeed been achieving terrible results in La Liga in the past years before their level declined in the last two seasons, and they are far from the rest of the championship teams by a wide margin, but this is not because of the weakness of the competitors but the strength of the two great rivals.

For seven years or so Real Madrid and Barcelona were the best in the old continent, and their results in the Champions League confirm that, apart from having players that are among the best in the history of football and a constellation of other stars, so it was not limited to Spain, of course without forgetting Atlético Madrid who He was once stronger than all The Premier League clubs, and equally strongly with Juventus.