Mendy closes Marcelo's gap in Real Madrid's defence

Mendy closes Marcelo's gap in Real Madrid's defence

Ferland Mendy was one of Real Madrid's surprise contracts this season, and one of the papers bet by Zinedine Zidane, and perhaps the development he showed with Lyon made him one of the names that imposed himself on Mercato Real Madrid.

Mendy, one of the new gems in the royal team battalion, has become one of the new gems in the squad, given the impressive level of appearance of the player in the La Liga matches, which made him win the main position at the expense of Brazilian Marcelo.

Mendy eliminates Marcelo:

According to the Spanish newspaper "Marca", Marcelo is among the players beloved of Zinedine Zidane, which made the arrival of Mendy in the summer, raising doubts and questions, but after four months of competition, it became clear that the French star did not come to follow his Brazilian colleague from the bench.

The newspaper explained, that the solidity shown by Real Madrid in the line of defense has to do with the level provided by Mendy, in the last game against Valladolid, the opponent was close to scoring the equalizer but the intervention of the French left-back decisive and prevented this from happening.

The Spanish newspaper continued: "On the offensive level, it is true that Mendy does not have the abilities of Marcelo, but he can develop over time, and what really matters is that the French defender is strong defensively unlike the Brazilian player who leaves many gaps behind his back."

Marcelo has suffered numerous injuries this season, playing 13 of 30 games, his worst year in terms of minutes since his arrival in January 2006.

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