The reason why Real Madrid contracted Reinier Jesus in the Winter Mercato

The reason why Real Madrid contracted Reinier Jesus in the Winter Mercato

Real Madrid is seeking to sign the young Brazilian Reinier Jesus, the star of Flamingo, as soon as possible, as the club tries to resolve the deal officially before the closure of the current winter Mercato.

The 17-year-old Reinier is one of the most emerging talents in the world and has become the focus of the attention of Europe's top clubs, led by Real Madrid, who have started to change their contract policy recently and are focused on bringing young talent together.

As the newspaper explained in a report published Saturday morning that Real Madrid reached an agreement with all parties involved in the deal, and it remains only that the player conducts medical examinations, and that reaches the age of majority, and that will happen on January 19, a week from now.

Two reasons why Real Madrid have been quick to sign Reinier

There are two important reasons why Real Madrid do not wait until the summer to sign with Reinier, first of all, the big clubs have been watching the player for some time, such as Liverpool, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain.

The second and most important reason is that Real Madrid want to save some millions in the deal, where the value of the penalty clause in the player's contract will rise from 30 million euros at the moment to 35 million euros starting next July, and will rise to 70 million euros in the summer of 2021, so the deal will now not cost the club More than 30 million euros only.

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