Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid .. 5 things you may not know about the Madrid derby

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid .. 5 things you may not know about the Madrid derby

Madrid has two of the best teams in the history of Spanish and European football, so their competition is very exciting. It's a long history... But here we will address five things you may not know about this meeting.

Atletico Madrid was established as a reaction to the founding of Real Madrid

A group of Galician students who were staying in Madrid attended the first Copa del Rey final in 1903 between Athletic Bilbao and Real Madrid, which will later be transformed into Real Madrid. They did not like the way Madrid played, and after 18 days they established a Madrid branch of Atlético, which will then be transformed into Atlético Madrid.

It's been 14 years since Atlético Madrid didn't win a Derby, but things are different now.

The derby between 1999 and 2013 was a tragic occasion for Atletico Madrid. He did not win in 25 encounters with Real Madrid, but his luck will change with the arrival of coach Diego Simeone. Since then, the red and white team has won eight of the 26 derby matches since arriving, drawn 11 games and lost seven.

Atletico Madrid has been celebrating their victory at Plaza de Cibeles in the past like Real Madrid.

During the 1970s in Spain, football fans for the first time felt the need to gather to celebrate their team titles with their fellow football fans, and Plaza de Cibeles, located in the heart of Madrid, was the perfect meeting point for this type of gathering. Atletico Madrid supporters are believed to have first visited Cibeles when Los Colchoneros celebrated the 1977 La Liga title. As a tradition, whenever there is an occasion to celebrate the achievements of football, Plaza de Cibeles has been the city's main gathering point for football fans. This was also the case when the Spanish national team succeeded in one of the competitions, and when Real Madrid, especially in the golden era of the 1980s, was successful.

When Atlético Madrid returned to win titles in 1991 by crowning the Copa del Rey, the red and white supporters decided to transfer their celebration to Neptune Fountain instead of Plaza de Cibeles, which is only 600 meters from the traditional fountain on the same street as Paseo de la Castellana, to stand out clearly from the Real Madrid team.

This was the Madrid derby more important than the Clásico.

At present, Fc Barcelona is real Madrid's main rival, but the Madrid derby was more important than the Clásico in the two decades following the Spanish Civil War, which ended in 1939. As the great star, Alfredo Di Stéfano once said: "Let's forget Barcelona... "The team that could be dangerous for us is Atlético Madrid."

Atletico Madrid have won nine of their Copa del Rey titles at the Bernabéu

Interestingly, Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu is a special venue for Atletico Madrid supporters. He has won the Copa del Rey 10 times, nine of them at the Santiago Bernabéu. Although he won 10 times in the Copa del Rey final, it was his only victory in 1996 against Barcelona at another stadium, where it was Zaragoza's La Romareda stadium that embraced that final.

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