Zidane's secrets. And the thing that distinguishes Real Madrid from Barcelona

Zidane's secrets. And the thing that distinguishes Real Madrid from Barcelona

Real Madrid was the top of La Liga after beating Valladolid with a clean goal scored by defender Nacho, taking advantage of the stumble of their traditional rivals Barcelona, who were defeated by Valencia 2-0 last Saturday.

The famous Spanish journalist Carlos published an article on the Spanish newspaper Marca in which he talks about some important remarks after yesterday's victory over Valladolid, especially as the team appeared with the three points after a very difficult game played away from home.

Carlos Carpio explained that the exclusion of Vinicius from the team's list in the Valladolid match was an incomprehensible decision, after the player's brilliance in the Sevilla match in which he participated as a substitute, and the same applies to Federico Valverde, who is one of the best players in the team in the past weeks, Nevertheless, Zidane kept him on the bench.

Vinicius deserves the confidence of his French coach to develop, as he does with Rodrigo, who has been involved in most of the matches, and it was clear that Real Madrid suffered against Valladolid from the weakness of the offensive limbs, which increases the question marks over the absence of the young Brazilian star.

Real Madrid continued to win thanks to defenders and midfielders after Nacho scored the only goal of the match, while Karim Benzema failed to visit the goal box for the sixth game in a row, while Eden Hazard missed two months ago due to injury, while Gareth Bale has not provided anything since the Champions League final Europe's last.

Real Madrid is totally different without Valverde and the only reason to win.

The journalist added in his report that Real Madrid appears in a bad version all that missed the Uruguayan star Federico Valverde, which provides the element of speed and pressure, and offers important roles that the current trio fail to offer.

Valverde's absence may be due to Zidane's desire to rest the player ahead of Real Zaragoza's Copa del Rey and Atlético Madrid's derby, or he may have wanted to involve experienced midfielders.

Real Madrid made a bad first half at all levels in Valverde's absence, before Zidane made some tactical adjustments in the break between the halves, and made some substitutions that made the performance better, and Casemiro was the only player to fight in the first half, which the journalist described as the best midfielder in the world right now.

The famous Spanish journalist confirmed that Real Madrid won thanks to the union of players under Zidane's banner, and the defensive and tactical toughness that is missing from rivals Barcelona and Atlético Madrid this season.

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