Theo's jet. An irreplaceable gift from Real Madrid to AC Milan

Theo's jet. An irreplaceable gift from Real Madrid to AC Milan

AC Milan fans believe that French left-back Theo Hernandez is the most important, most prominent and best deal in the lean years of the Rossoneri, where the player offers an impressive level and an indescribable performance in red and black.

In light of the dwell of players witnessed by the left-back at Real Madrid during the last summer transfer period, Theo had no place in the squad of French coach Zinedine Zidane, Milan decided to buy the player after the failure of the Swiss Ricardo Rodríguez to provide a level that qualifies him to play in San Siro, and surprised everyone From the club's payment of 20 million euros due to the economic crisis it is experiencing, and after half a season the player proved his value and the validity of the purchase decision, to be a precious and irreplaceable gift from the Spanish club.

Theo was not expected to shine at the expense of his brother Lucas Hernandez, who was bought by Bayern Munich in the same summer for 80 million euros from Atlético Madrid.

Theo starred on Sunday and helped Milan beat Udinese 3-2 thanks to his second goal, in the match at the San Siro stadium in the 20th round of Serie A.

Theo Hernandez and terrifying numbers with Milan

Given the left-back midfielder in the top five European leagues and their offensive figures, Theo Hernandez is the most scoring player in Serie A, the most scoring open, and the second-most scored player from a fixed strike.

Theo is the fourth most hit on goal with 18 shots, 10 assists and is the lead here, and the most tried to dodge the opponent 64 times, but he is the fourth in the successful dodges 30 times, and the tenth most successful passed 539 times.

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