Toni Kroos.. Architect of The Christmas Tree Plan in Madrid

Toni Kroos.. Architect of The Christmas Tree Plan in Madrid

"Real Madrid are always in the rhythm of Toni Kroos, he's one of the most important players in the club because he runs the ball and the rhythm we play, if Toni Kroos wants to play slowly, we play slowly if he wants us to play faster, we play faster, we play faster, we play in a way that And I'm not going to do that.

The fact is that the Brazilian's statements do not have any kind of courtesy, on the contrary, every letter he said is correct in full and in detail, and we have often talked about the role of Toni Kroos tactical either with his country Germany, or Real Madrid throughout the previous periods.

The modern ball depends on the elements of positioning and pressure, so the trainers need the quality of the ball recycling, from side to side, and from the end of the pitch to the top, and a player like Toni Kroos has the ability to pass from the first touch, with full awareness that standing in the right place, while maintaining the timing factor And the distance when passing, it's one step ahead of his peers.

With Real Madrid back a little back, ten meters back in the 6th place as an outspoken midfielder without any other additions, meaning he is positioned near the midfield. Tony Kroos stands inside the pitch differently leaning to the left, as he moves his body without having to cut more distances, as well as constantly thinking before the ball reaches him, so he makes his decision before his opponent because he knows where and when he will pass.

The German passes and then moves to get a perfect position, in order to open up bigger corners in front of his teammates, he is a player who provides his team with the property of "control" in the course of play. He is a construction man from behind in the Real Madrid squad over the past years. If you want to close the roads in front of the Real Madrid attack, you must first stop Toni Kroos, before you even watch the show left and right, because he is the ball dispenser from the back, towards the front or to the ends.

During the 4-3-3 plan, Toni Kroos is the 6th player to move on the circle, connecting Casemiro and Modric, moving in the back and forward, creating the space for moving the attack towards the opponents' goal. Without him, the left-back, led by Marcelo in 2017, was not so sharp and powerful, as the midfielder was the basis for linking Ramos' channel of contact with Marcelo, the then attacking duo of Benzema and Ronaldo, and before them Isco.

Toni Kroos.. Architect of The Christmas Tree Plan in Madrid

Against Valencia in the Super, Zidane played with a Christmas plan, 4-3-2-1 with five players at once in the midfield, and the plan worked well, whether at the level of scoring, winning or acquiring the game long and wide.

Zizou's plan was based on the occasional opening of the pitch by the duo Carvajal and Mendy only, it is true that the former is no longer the same as the previous level of performance, and the second is less technical than Marcelo, but they performed well on the level of rapid transformations, which made the defense disciplined in front of valencia's rebounds. In the case of possession of the ball, everything falls on the five-depth.

Casemiro at the back, on his right Valverde distinctive in shifts, running and high pressure, and on his left Toni Kroos who acquires and builds from the back, and opens a channel of communication with the players and playmakers offensively, while the duo Modric and Isco get the freedom to move and receive in and between the lines, close From the sole spearhead of Luka Jovic.

Isco made a very big game, passed an excellent number of balls, played as an extra midfielder, playmaker and another striker behind Jović, as well as Modric, got full freedom to be in front of a three-man, making him unforced to return and run, unlike his current senior year. Valverde is also a man of shifts and high pressure when losing the ball,

With all of them, Kroos continued his exemplary performance and midfield lead, whether in the process of controlling the ball in his own half, or extending the limbs with long balls in what is known as the heart of the game from one side to the other, and even opening the game's goal-scoring record with an Olympic goal on his own way, to help make his teammates better, whether Mindy or Mars He will be left, as well as extending Carvajal with the long balls to the right, along with the link with Isco and Modric, to create chances and score goals.

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