Zidane paints a painting in real madrid midfield but...

Zidane paints a painting in real madrid midfield but...

Real Madrid swept their opponents Valencia with performance and result and managed to qualify to the final of the Spanish Super Cup to meet the winner between Barcelona and Atlético Madrid on Thursday, after winning three goals against one goal and scored these goals trio midfielder Toni Kroos, Isco and Luca Modric.

Zinedine Zidane surprised everyone with the squad he played in the absence of the trio Karim Benzema, Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale, where he preferred to rely on a five in midfield behind one striker, Luca Jović, while Rodrigo and Vinicius remained on the bench, a combination that created controversy before the match between  Supporter and opponent.

Real Madrid controlled the course of the game from the first minute to the last minute, and not only deprived Valencia of the ball through possession, but also applied high pressure and intense in which the ball is extracted quickly and prevents any offensive bounce from the bat, and in this report, we will highlight the highlights of the important points in the game.

Real Madrid midfielder's horrifying board

We can only describe the use of the Real Madrid midfielder's five-man squad with a stunning painting by a stylish artist named Zinedine Zidane, the issue was not simply to involve five midfielders to control the game, because the real dilemma was how to break through and create opportunities in the absence of the attacking wingers.

When Zidane decided to rely on The Five-A-Side Casemiro, Toni Kroos, Valverde, Modric, and Isco, he had completely abandoned the idea of traditional wings, so we did not see any of them playing on the line for more than two minutes, and then went straight into the depth.

The tactical drawing that Real Madrid played can never be determined because the plan was flexible in theoretical lye, but in general, Zizou relied on a 4-3-2-1 plan, which in the defensive process turned into a 4-1-4-1.

The movements of the Real Madrid midfielders are the ones that made the difference literally in today's match, especially the duo Federico Valverde and Luka Modric who were exchanging positions wonderfully, the issue is not limited to who will advance and who will retreat, but who penetrates in the depth and who tends to the end, this point is precise as You are the mark, and the second goal came from no doubt.

On the left side, things were clearer, Toni Kroos stationed in the axis, while Isco was playing free in the depth and end, and in the second half his powers became greater, and he became a free player on every pitch, always the third side of any triangle in the depth or even on the sides.

And we must not ignore the role of Casemiro when the ball was in the possession of Real Madrid, he was ahead of Toni Kroos and Valverde and is stationed in front of the four-man valencia defense line, the goal of this trick is to occupy the midfielders Valencia and free Modric and Toni Kroos in the rear, and in the defensive process turns directly to his center to be used as a anchor player.

Toni Kroos is the player who revived Real Madrid

Truly amazing what the German star has to offer this season, and the control of the stadium we have not seen like him maybe since the departure of Xavi Hernández from Barcelona, we are watching the whole Real Madrid system play as he wants, and Zidane has succeeded fully in converting his ideas to the German star, which he applies brilliantly.

The added touch we see from Toni Kroos this season is to increase passes in-depth, to move further forward both to press the ball carrier or to increase his team's numerical density, and his quality in fixed balls improves further as he gets older.

But. The verdict on the new Real Madrid system must be postponed

Many factors make us not rush to rule on Zidane's new plan and the five-point midfield system, the most important of which is that Toni Kroos scored the opening goal from a brilliant and unexpected shot early on, which made Real Madrid play more comfortably throughout the game.

Before Toni Kroos's goal, there was another chance for Raphael Varane, but it was also from a fixed ball, and perhaps if Toni Kroos' goal hadn't come, things would have gotten complicated for Real Madrid over time in terms of penetrating Valencia's fortresses, and the moves of The Trio of Modric, Isco and Valverde might not have helped the bat's defenses. That can never be measured in just one game.

The second point relates to scoring all the goals from the midfielders, and this is a success calculated for Zidane, but can not count on that in all games, because in the end they are not strikers, and their job is not to score goals, while the only striker in the team did not get real chances throughout the 90 minutes, except for one chance after a hardball, that's why we put some question marks about the striker's role in this plan first, and Luka Jovic's level second.

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