4 reasons behind Real Madrid's defensive stiffness in the recent period

4 reasons behind Real Madrid's defensive stiffness in the recent period

Real Madrid offers a very special level since the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, with the Spanish Super Championship in Saudi Arabia, and the results are clearly improved both in the league and cup, in addition to the fierce defensive toughness that Zidane has made in the recent period, to become the royal team strongest team In Spain on the defensive, he has conceded only 13 goals in 21 games, beating Atletico Madrid, who have conceded 14 goals in the same period.

There are many reasons behind Real Madrid's defensive strength this season, the first of which is undoubtedly Zinedine Zidane's tactic and his determination to adjust his defensive compass before thinking about the attack, along with several factors to be mentioned in detail, to illustrate the clear development in the level and numbers of the royal club now compared to previous seasons.

A steady defensive quartet at Real Madrid

Zidane played several formations during the current season, whether for the rotation and avoidance of fatigue, or for the many injuries, along with the planning adjustments according to the circumstances of each match and the abilities of the opponent, so he participated in sometimes the duo Hazzard and Isco behind Benzema, then Vinicius and Rodrigo on the limbs and Karim Benzema In-depth, and in other matches with an outspoken quarterback in front of him an advanced offensive duo, the coach used more than one player in the midfield and attack without real stability, whether at the level of the plan or the names.

The only defense is the exception, because the trio of Carvajal, Ramos, and Varane play together mainly whenever they are away from injury, in addition to the selection of Mendy in physical matches and Marcelo in front of the teams defending from behind, so it is necessary to see this quartet in most of the games of Real Madrid, Whether inside and outside his home country, in the League or the Cup, provided they are in good physical and healthy condition.

The quarterback needs consistency and understanding, so Zidane wanted to install this line to get this missing combination, with Ramos on the left of the defense to cover and build from behind, along with Toni Kroos and Marcelo or Mendy, while Varane is clearly starring this season both in defense and in the transformation of the crossovers Toni Kroos to the goals, with the physical strength of The Frenchman Mendy and the continued offensive progress of The Spaniard Carvajal.

The government's approach to the construction of the new road has been a long and long-over
Thibaut Courtois has received criticism due since joining Real Madrid in the summer of 2018, but he has improved sharply during the current season, especially during the last games in the League and the Spanish Super League, to restore the goalkeeper's high level with Chelsea and Belgium, and can protect the goal of Real Madrid behind Quadruple defense.

Digitally and statistically, Real Madrid have received 13 goals this season in la Liga, before the derby against Atletico, but according to the system of the proportion of goals expected, which depends on the calculation of the number of opportunities and their size and places and then translated into goals that should have been scored, Real Madrid could have received 19 to 20 goals this Poison, according to the chances and shots he received from the competitors domestically, but with the brilliance of his goalkeeper in the response to the balls and dangerous attacks, but received only 13 in a clear indication of the importance of Thibaut Courtois to the success of his coach's plan.

Midfield quadrant plan

Real Madrid played in some matches with the second plan 4-3-2-1, with an outright quadruple presence in the middle, and in front of them Benzema, Isco or Hazzard, this drawing gives the team numerical intensity in-depth and makes his defensive transformations better for the presence of an extra player in the middle during the rebounds, but without real opportunities in front of the goal, To exaggerate the occasionals without an outright striker translates these opportunities into goals, as was the case with Ronaldo.

Real Madrid's chances have indeed been reduced somewhat according to this drawing as happened during the super against Atletico, but this plan gave Zidane real depth during the transitions from attack to defense, to keep the team balanced during the rebounds compared to the previous, because of the presence of an additional player in the area of anchorage, helps in the operations of Pressure, lethality, and obstruction, to the extent that the team received some dangerous chances in the second half and during the extra runs against Atlético in the Super after Zidane turned to 4-3-3 to try to settle the game with an outright triple presence in the last third instead of two.

Valverde and Casemiro

Federico Valverde gave Real Madrid what is lacking on the right side of the pitch, Carvajal is a brilliant offensive player, making, passing and playing crossovers, but he suffers defensively clearly, with the old Croatian Luka Modric and the lack of effort Toni Kroos, so the presence of Valverde on the pitch made the right front of Real Madrid are safe, whether they are caught by balls in the half of the opponent's stadium, or his quick return to cover behind and in front of Carvajal, as has been the case in many la Liga and Champions League matches.

Another player who made Real Madrid stronger defensively is Brazilian Casemiro no doubt, a minesweeper that runs non-stop, legitimate obstruction and quick cutting of balls, and exists as a wall of repellent in front of the back quadrant, which made Zidane bring his ideas to safety so far, with a clear strategy based on the protection of Target it first, and then search for goals later.

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