Real Madrid plan to take advantage of migratory birds in the future

Real Madrid plan to take advantage of migratory birds in the future

Real Madrid has many players who are in other clubs on loan, which will prompt Real Madrid officials to rebuild the team with the number of players on the rise over the age of 30.

Officials believe it is time to collect the fruits that Real Madrid have planted through their young players around the world, and the great example of this harvest was Mendy and Valverde, who are making up for the players of Marcelo and Modric with efficiency.

The fate of Real Madrid players on loan next summer:

According to the Spanish newspaper "AS", Ashraf Hakimi, who has gained considerable experience in Bundesliga with Borussia Dortmund, seems ready to participate with the royal team, where he will take his place at the right-back, and through this center can provide the addition defensively and offensively.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Martin Odegaard, who is on loan to Real Sociedad, also has the necessary ingredients to be in Los Blancos next season, despite the Basque team's desire to keep the player for another year.

"Real Madrid will discuss plans for Odegaard, and the Norwegian will be given the final say in this matter, and although he is fully ready to carry his colors, the final word will remain for the Norwegian boy," the paper said.

The same newspaper continued, that Real Madrid wants to use the services of Sergio Reguilón next summer, where the player provided great levels with Sevilla this season, and yet, the Real Madrid squad will put the promising boy in doubt, he will play a reserve role in his position with Mendy.

In the same context, the newspaper pointed out, the newspaper pointed out, that the technical management of Real Madrid puts full confidence in the player Dani Ceballos, but the arrival of Arteta to Arsenal may hasten his return to Real Madrid, and because of the number of players in his position, it is not expected to get many opportunities.

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