5 points of excellence Real Madrid .. And other things are still missing with Zidane

5 points of excellence Real Madrid .. And other things are still missing with Zidane

The most optimistic real Madrid fans did not imagine that the team would develop to this degree with Zinedine Zidane after a bad start this season, where many thought things would go as happened last season disastrously.

Real Madrid yesterday achieved an important victory over Atlético Madrid with a clean goal, and overcame one of the toughest second legs matches in La Liga, and widened the gap with Barcelona runners-up to 3 points.

It can be said that Zidane took Real Madrid to a whole different level in the past weeks, and the team is playing in a high spirit and a well-mannered tactic, and we no longer see individual mistakes that were the most prominent features of last season and the beginning of this season and, most of all, that Real Madrid turned into a very strong team defensively, which is not Yer is accustomed even in Zidane's first term.

In this report, we will review the 5 highlights of Zidane's current team from the rest of the world teams, as well as some of the things that are still missing at Real Madrid, which can be developed in the next phase:

Decentralization among Real Madrid players

There is no doubt that the most amazing things added by Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid are the lack of specific centers for players in the traditional form, this feature was present in Zidane's first mandate, and developed a lot in his second term, which makes the task of the opponent by besieging real Madrid players is very complicated, It spoils the tactical plans that the other coach who faces Zidane.

If we watch the movements of Real Madrid players, especially when the team plays with four or more players in the middle of the field, you will find that there is a symphony played by Zidane, for example, you can find Dani Carvajal inside the opponent's penalty area, while Federico Valverde turns into a right-winger, and Luka Modric into a player, As Casemiro progresses to become a toymaker, a major change in positions occurs in each attack, very flexible, without any disruption to the system in general.

If we review Casimiro's goals in the last game we notice that he is stationed in the center of the second striker, although he plays as a pivot player behind the center of the center axis, and this applies to many other shots, and to all the players without exception, and what makes it amazing, that this decentralization is Always positive, and we do not feel that the player left his place and there are gaps to be exploited by the opponent because there is another player who took his place quickly, high dynamism in the movement of players and a strategy that no team in the world improves to apply in the way that Real Madrid does.

Defensive stiffness ... And the secret to pressure

There are very few teams capable of pressing high and preventing the opponent from moving the ball freely as Real Madrid do, the issue is not as simple as some imagine, because there are many factors to consider, first how much the players can withstand this pressure on the physical level, continuity with it, and how to Draw the ball when pressed.

For example, Getafe tried to apply high pressure on Real Madrid throughout the 90 minutes 3 weeks ago, and in the end came out losing three goals for nothing, because the players drained their physical effort in the first half completely, and despite their success preventing Real Madrid to come out with the ball comfortably most of the time, but that was on The account of leaving vast spaces cost them a lot.

Real Madrid's defensive performance is not due to the development of the level of defenders or even the brilliance of Thibaut Courtois only, it is more complicated than that, there is a strategy that includes all players and especially the three-line attack, and the concentration of each player inside the field, which makes the ball holder of the opponent always difficult to pass For lack of control-free options.

The character of the hero

If we want to limit the matches that Real Madrid won thanks to his personality only with Zidane can never be counted, this team knows exactly how to win games even if they did not perform well, which Real Madrid missed completely last season with Santiago Solari and Julen Lopetegui.

Zidane instilled in the hearts of real Madrid players that they play the best team in the world, and they are always the candidates to win, so we do not feel any confusion from the players, and the team plays as a block from the first minute until the last minute, regardless of the technical level, there is real faith in each player that his team will win In the end, this is what makes Real Madrid look like a fierce team on the pitch and never give up.

Not affected by absences

There is no need to explain this point too much, it is enough that the team won the Super Cup title with the first version in the new system and it is missing its basic offensive line completely, and the team has carried out this uprising in the absence of many players to injury in the last three months.

No matter what name real Madrid is missing in the game, you don't feel that the team is affected too much because Zinedine Zidane's system is the most important, not the names, of course, that does not mean that the technical level of some players makes things easier.

Since the first term, Zidane does not hesitate to fully involve a reserve squad and wins the three points, and he has done it this season on some occasions, and this is, of course, the result of the confidence he gives to the substitutes continuously, whether with moral support or relying on them whenever the opportunity arises.

Score goals from all positions

Real Madrid is the most successful team in Europe to shake the goalkeepers of all possible positions, there is a great diversity in the process of scoring goals both from positions and players, and threatens the opponent's goal in various ways available.

The team no longer depends on the full widths as in the past, and we have seen it penetrate from the depth, and the players shoot a lot from outside the box, and focus heavily on fixed balls, which makes the opponent confused, whenever he closes an outlet, or counters one of the ways, there is another solution for  For Zidane's men.

However, Real Madrid still has not reached the stage of perfect football

Despite the many positive points we have mentioned about Real Madrid, which distinguish him from all teams in the world, or at least most of them, there are some shortcomings in the team, and need to be developed by Zidane, some of which reach the stage of problems.

The most important thing missing at Real Madrid now is the lack of sufficient offensive momentum, for example, in the last 10 games, teams could have come up with overwhelming results on more than one occasion, but failed to do so, either because of too much-missed opportunities, or lack of much desire to add other goals.

Real Madrid must return to the same intensity as in the past at the offensive level and always try to score more goals because this gives more confidence to the team and makes it morally superior to the opponents before facing them.

The second point is that some players are not utilized properly, such as Luka Jović, James Rodríguez, Gareth Bale, Brahim Díaz, it is true that Zidane has many solutions on the bench and has regained the level of many players, but it would be much better if he took advantage All items are available.

The third and final negative boils down to selfishness, many real attacks would translate into goals if the ball carrier had passed it instead of shooting it, and in yesterday's game Mendy, Vinícius and Valverde made the mistake.

This point is important because it indicates two things, the first is that the player thinks for himself more than the general interest of the team, or that the player does not see his colleagues who stand in suitable places to score, and this is because he does not have enough vision for the stadium, or rush to put the ball in the net, and in all cases, Zidane must review The shots caught the attention of the players.

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